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This is my blog. The one it has taken so long to get started. I hope the wait was worth it.
By John Tapp on 6/30/2013 1:54 PM
A few weeks ago, I went out and bought a 1.5 TB Western Digital My Passport portable external hard drive and a supplement to a 250 GB Maxtor One Touch Mini, which is no longer the huge emptiness it once was.  Wow, 1.5 TB, and it actually smaller than the old one!  Aside from the six-fold increase in stated size, not to be confused with actual byte count, and a USB 3 connection, this is still a device that sits on the same desk as my other computers.  It is still subject to the possibilities of weather, fire, theft, etc. as the other computing hardware.

If I practiced disk feng shui, I would never need that much space.  However, there are many files that I just don't have the time to determine if I will ever use or need again.  Then there are the duplicate files, especially those copied from one place to another in advance of some configuration change, for safe keeping.  So what to do?

Traditional backup would involve offline tapes, DVDs or even external hard disks.  However, each of these have shortcomings...

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